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"JâckBüntü™" / News: Recent posts

JWH to Join JâckBüntü™?

It's possible that another member of our esteemed engineering team will be joining the JâckBüntü™ project. I think the prestige is a big draw...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-12-10

JâckBüntü™ throws down...

JâckBüntü™ is making the commitment to update the project web space, http://jackbuntu.sourceforge.net - but first, we're confirming some news features...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-12-09

JackButnu strides...

We're just checking on some newly reported news issues...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-12-01

JackBuntu News updates for Nov 2009


http://jackbuntu.sourceforge.net is in place and usable. Also check out:


Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-11-17

tetst post

test post

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-10-19

New News!

Yep, it's that time of day again...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-09-21

Jackbuntu Updates

It's been a long time since we made any announcements. That's mainly because we don't actually produce anything. But, we do a lot of service and that's been keeping us busy. We just thought you should know.

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-09-15

firehose me

tell the world about JâckBüntü™.

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-04-27

try again

trying again

Posted by Simon Azriel 2009-04-13


more testings

Posted by Simon Azriel 2009-04-13

JackBuntu news

More news.

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-04-13

JackBuntu in the news

If this makes it to the /. pipe, we will have been in the news...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-04-13

JâckBüntü™ makes the news

If this actually shows up on SlashDot, wow! it really did make the news...

Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-04-12

Updates for JâckBüntü™

The JâckBüntü™ team has completed it's 1.5 year anniversary. We will in May. ;)

While new releases are few, the project is more than meeting its' goals.

To be clear, those goals include:

- Testing site features
- Verifying issues users encounter
- Confirming application use
- Assuring site functionality and uptime.

All in all, it's been a banner time and we're looking to keep up the pressure.


Posted by Daniel Hinojosa 2009-03-27

Test News Item

The omnipotent rabbit is smarter than me.

Posted by Travis West 2008-10-14