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Increased Downloads

I've noticed from the project statistics (http://sourceforge.net/project/stats/index.php?report=months&group_id=62104) that the number of JackBot downloads has gone up significantly in the last couple of months. While there hasn't been much work done lately, it doesn't mean I'm not paying attention.

If you have bugs or feature requests, please post them to the appropriate areas of the project page, and I will glady fix them. The lack of recent work is indicitive that the bot meets my current needs, not that I have abandoned it.... read more

Posted by Brian C Vargas 2003-10-29

JackBot v.1 In Beta

The first offical version of JackBot has gone beta!

After finally squashing that nasty connection bug, and after having been in production on at least two IRC servers for the last several months, Jack has proven that it is stable enough to be considered beta software, usable by a broader range of people than just the geeks like me. :-)

Posted by Brian C Vargas 2003-02-12

In The Beginning...

Welcome to JackBot's new home! Hopefully the features available on SourceForge will help me keep track of Jack's ongoing development.

Note that I am still in the process of gaining CVS access, as I am a new SourceForge user. The source will be up soon.

Posted by Brian C Vargas 2002-09-10