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resid integrated into JaC64

The best emulation of the SID chip have been ported to Java by Ken Händel (see jsidplay2 project). This port is integrated into JaC64 from version 1.1 which will be released soon.

Posted by Joakim Eriksson 2007-12-30

New site for JaC64

www.jac64.com is the new home of JaC64.

Posted by Joakim Eriksson 2006-09-05

Better drive emulation!

A much better disk drive emulation for JaC64 have been implemented. Most multi-file games, demos and other programs should work now.

Posted by Joakim Eriksson 2006-08-24

JaC64 Moving to subversion

The latest versions of JaC64 will from now on be found on the subversion repository. The CVS will have the version from 2006-05 and will likely not be updated.

Posted by Joakim Eriksson 2006-05-22

Reworked JaC64 on the way!

Currently the JaC64 is being updated. Most changes are going to be made to the VIC emulation (graphics chip) since it has a lot of missing features in the current version.

Posted by Joakim Eriksson 2005-07-16