JabRef 2.10 beta released

The new beta version improves usability of JabRef and includes patches from the community. For instance, we added support for specifying a BibTeX file at --importToOpen. This allows a usage in browsers to directly append downloaded entries to the currently opened database.

Writing of a .bib file has been changed to gain a more human-readable bibtex file. The behavior can be adapted at Options->Preferences->File->"File saving options".

The timestamp field can be configured to be updated at each change of the entry. Activate it at Options->Preferences->General->"Update timestamp on modification"

A first shot for a Spanish translation is included. Feel free to provide feedback.

The full release history is available at http://jabref.sourceforge.net/revisionhistory.php#v2.10b .

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2013-03-28