#854 Make not wrapping the default

Gerrit Ansmann

I am administrating a larger BibTeX database which is used and edited by many users via version control. Some of the users use JabRef and though everybody has been instructed to essentially disable auto-wrapping by adding every conceivable field to Do not wrap the following fields when saving, it happens from time to time that somebody uses an unconfigured JabRef and annoyance ensues: Basically every line is changed (and thus reviewing changes in version controls gets nasty) and if you view the file in an editor and do not use the same number of characters per line as JabRef uses for saving, this is somewhere between suboptimal and very annoying to read.

Could you therefore please make not auto-wrapping anything the default or at least add an option that switches auto-wrapping off entirely without having to enter every possible field in the do-not-wrap dialogue? Please consider that this “feature” seems only to affect people who view the files without JabRef and at least I have no idea, who would want such a feature anyway nowadays.