#806 Optional lock file mechanisms to authorize access to one person only

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Hello all,

The collaborative work is in theory possible with JabRef but I often end up with conflicts (users that forget to review and accept changes, database a bit long to save and possibility of data loss if 2 save requests are sent approximately at the same time).

Therefore, I am considering the possibility to add an optionnal lock mechanism.

The mechanism would be:
- if 'lock file to read only when opened' option is checked then

  • first user (user 1) gets normal access to the .bib database
  • a .bib.lock file is created with the username of the user 1
  • if user 2 (or user n with n > 1) opens the database, then a box is displayed to explain JabRef is read-onyl because the file is already opened bu 'user' - read-only mode means no save option

Would it make sense to you?
If yes, I would consider working on it and submitting the patch to you. But I would like to make sure that this is an optional behavior that would be acceptable to you.

Kind regards


  • Fredrik Fälth
    Fredrik Fälth

    We have issues with several users editing the same database file. This would be a good solution to the problems we are having.


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