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End-of-line style

  • Is it possible to configure JabRef to use a specific end-of-line style
    regardless of the OS?
    I (using Linux) am sharing a bibliography with people working under Windows.
    This causes the file to change end-of-line style depending on whether it was
    last saved under Windows or Linux which in turn makes Subversion unable to
    correctly track changes to the file.

  • No, I don't think this is easily configurable. But it would be a fairly simple
    matter to make it so, or to hack it for your own purposes - I could show you
    how to modify the code.

    For the use case where Linux users run Subversion on Linux, and Windows users
    on Windows, the difference in line breaks is handled seamlessly by Subversion.
    That is, text files are automatically checked out with the appropriate line
    breaks on each platform. But if you are editing the same file from different
    platforms, it will of course be different,