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#1173 Inconsistent empty line in the database file

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Robert Pollak

In the current JabRef 2.10b, when I add an entry via the builtin Google Scholar search, it is saved in a continuous block without empty lines, like e.g.

  Title                    = {Fingerprint pore extraction based on Marker controlled Watershed Segmentation},
  Author                   = {Malathi, S and Maheswari, S Uma and Meena, C},
  Booktitle                = {Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE), 2010 The 2nd International Conference on},
  Year                     = {2010},
  Organization             = {IEEE},
  Pages                    = {337--340},
  Volume                   = {3},
  File                     = {:Pores\\Malathi Maheswari Meena 2010 - Fingerprint pore extraction based on Marker controlled Watershed Segmentation.pdf:PDF},
  Url                      = {}

However, when I continue editing, saving and loading the file, under some circumstances (I have not found out yet) an empty line gets introduced between the "Volume" and "File" lines.
This is annoying, because we are version controlling the file with Git and it causes unnecessary noise when looking at the diffs.

So either the empty line should never be generated, or always.