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Jabbin 3.0 Beta “Released !!

After 2 years of intensive development we’re excited to announce the launch of Jabbin 3.0 Beta “Flaming Phoenix“!!

Jabbin is a new social application that combines VoIP, Instant Messaging and Social Networking, allowing you to focus on what you really care about: your friends.

One quick look at the interface and you’ll see how intuitive it is, just few click and you could import all your IM accounts (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook and more ) or add your Social Networks profiles (Twitter, Youtube, Flickr …)... read more

Posted by Ste 2010-02-12

Jabbin 2.0 beta Available to test it!

Jabbin is an GPL / Open Source Istant messenger program that allows free PC to PC calls using the VoIP system over the Jabber network.

After weeks of development the jabbin team is pleased to announce the availability of jabbin-2.0. This is a test release of jabbin.

New features on Jabbin-2.0beta include:

- Libjingle support. (you can call to gtalk users).

- SSL support

- New icons.

- Improved some bugs.... read more

Posted by Ste 2006-07-21

Jabbin 2.0 has been successful tested.

As soon as possible, jabbin-2.0 will be released.

Posted by Emilio C. 2006-06-20

Testing jabbin version 2

--Jingle support.
--SSL support.
--New appearance
--Multiple language support.

Posted by Emilio C. 2006-05-23