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jabberpy 0.5 released

Stable release.

Posted by Alexey Nezhdanov 2003-11-29

jabberpy 0.4 released

Corrected setError typos
Corrected pyqtjab.py hostname bug #583761

Added patches submited by user mzabaluev...
-auth mishandling return value
-flush on log file
-no sleep on disconnect

Added patches submited by Jacob...
-indention, namespaces, timeout, getsetList, ustr, timestamp, and typo...

Posted by Brian M. Shire 2003-02-24

jabberpy 0.3 released

This new release includes;

* Many bug fixes, including encoding problems.
* License change to LGPL
* Component support ( and example )
* Improved Roster / JID / X 'payload' support
* Stackable handlers
* SSL support
* A maturing pygtk client
* A pyQt client
* A logo ! see http://jabberpy.sf.net

Posted by Matthew Allum 2002-01-17

jabberpy 0.2 released

This release includes

- Basic Documentation !
- Bug fixes
- Roster and JID api improvements.
- Query Payload methods added.
- Improved + new examaples



Posted by Matthew Allum 2001-09-09