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Jabbernaut / News: Recent posts

Jabbernaut 0.5.6b1 released

Jabbernaut, the only public available classic MacOS Jabber (http://www.jabber.org) client, has been released in a new version 0.5.6b1.
This release adds SOCKS 4 proxy support, and fixes several longstanding issues. See the changelog for more details!
This is dubbed beta because I want to add a few more fixes before the actual release, and because I need some people to test the SOCKS support, as I have no way of testing it from here.

Posted by Max Horn 2001-04-20

Jabbernaut 0.5.5 released

Jabbernaut 0.5.5 has just been released! You can consider it a christmas present, as we have the 24th of Decemeber today ;)
Go get it from http://www.jabbernaut.com/download.html as usual

Version 0.5.5 was originally scheduled for December 22nd, but due to problems with SourceForge, the release was delayed.
Anyway, this version fixes the dreaded agents & profile bugs of 0.5.4, and contains several other improvements and fixes. I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Max Horn 2000-12-25

Jabbernaut 0.5.4 released

Jabbernaut 0.5.4 has just been released. Go to http://jabbernaut.sourceforge.net/download.html to download it.

This new release features compatibility with JServer 1.2 and several other improvments, including:

* JID Blocking to prevent you from being spammed from the same people
* progresss dialog during login, and timeout for login (60 secs)
* detection of broken connections improved - you will now get a warning
if you get disconnected from the server
* new meta group "my resources" so you can jabber with your other selfs <g>
* events now can bring Jabbernaut to the front
* greatly improved "Add User"/"Edit User" dialogs
* many bugfixes and minor improvements as always... read more

Posted by Max Horn 2000-11-02