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Jabberbeans is moving.

Dev here on sourceforge will be no more. I'm moving the project to jabberstudio were it belongs.

The new web page will be: http://jabberbeans.jabberstudio.org
The new project page will be: http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/view.php?id=34

I'll have the new CVS up and going on there in a matter of days.

Posted by Shawn Wilton 2002-08-11

JabberBeans 0.9.0 pre2 released!

I am pleased to (officially) announce JabberBeans 0.9.0 prerelease 2, part of the long road to 1.0 :-)

Changes/Fixes include:

- Change to the Connection event model, to provide more information when a connection event change occurs.
- added abstract sendFailed method to PacketRebroadcaster class (more cosmetic than anything)
- fixed omission in RosterAdapter (did not inheirit from RosterListener)
- corrected some classes which were relying on internally deprecated methods
- bugfix in JID comparison code.
- changed DOM parser used for building out with exact same parser (kinda silly, but the license for the release of the parser I was using before was too restrictive)
- fixed typo which broke jabber:iq:time handling
- fixed typo which prevented jabber:iq:search handling
- added code to automatically escape text before being sent out as XML (so that '<','>',"'",'"','&' work)
- fixed error type reporting for Message
- 'graceful' disconnect implementation
- cleanup of some old code in the SAX handlers
- bugfix for jabber:x:delay handler (so that non-conformant data does not throw a NullPointerException)... read more

Posted by David Waite 2001-02-21

JabberBeans 0.9.0-pre1 released

After a bunch of administrative problems, CVS is now synced back up with the binary releases.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties or encounter any bugs with this release (yes, even if i supposedly already know about them). The best way to do this is via the bug tracker.

Happy hacking :)

Posted by David Waite 2000-11-17

JabberBeans 0.8.2 final released!

JabberBeans is a Java API for interfacing with Jabber, both as a client and (soon) as a server component.

Many things have changed since the 0.8.1 release:
- Numerous bugfixes
- Support for many additional namespace extensions on the Jabber protocol (the only officially published extension I am missing is vCard support)
- Clarified Packet heirarchy
- New listener interface for Packet notification and Connection events (now uses Event objects to inform the recipient of the source connection, and provides a threadsafe broadcast mechanism
- New jabberbeans-utils package provide several useful classes, from Digest authentication to synchronizing packets with the server (waiting for responses).
- several code optimizations
- new build system
- new License (JOSL)

Posted by David Waite 2000-10-23

0.8.2pre2 released!

Due to a number of really juicy bugs found, I've decided to release another preview before 0.8.2 final. Hit it hard, I plan 0.8.2 final before next monday

happy coding all!

Posted by David Waite 2000-10-16

0.8.2pre1 Released!

After way-too-long of a delay, there is a new release of Jabberbeans out!

One of the major changes is that the code is now under a new license.
There are also a lot of changes in which people using CVS will recognize - all the documented Jabber extensions (with the exception of vCard) are now supported, there have also been major changes to the internal layout to get things ready for server to server communication, and usage as a server component in the new jabber 1.1.x architecture.... read more

Posted by David Waite 2000-10-09

Changes for 0.8.2

There are a few changed interfaces in CVS which will be in 0.8.2-pre and final. Hopefully these will not be too much trouble to support:

1.Slightly updated build system. This may affect you if you have altered the build system at all (for instance, added your own client code under the build tree). The only real difference here is that Ant has been updated and had a parser change as well as some format changes in the XML.... read more

Posted by David Waite 2000-10-04

upcoming releases/changes

A new release of JabberBeans is forthcoming - unfortunately I have been rather busy with tasks at work and haven't really had freetime to really get a 'quality' release ready. Before I release 0.9.0, I want to have a few examples (basically as system tests) as well as unit tests for the various components. I also want to double and triplecheck all the documentation: the documentation for the sax-interfacing code is horrid. Finally, I want to have the server to server code in working order.... read more

Posted by David Waite 2000-10-04

JabberBeans (news) update!

First of all, I must apologize for a long delay between updates. Over the last month I've graduated college, moved twice, and have now started a new job here in Denver, Colorado. Twenty or so days of the last month I haven't even had access to a computer.

The good news is that now JabberBeans is somewhat of a professional project - I am maintaining it as part of my new work duties. Anyone who examines CVS will see a lot of changes getting ready to be launched:... read more

Posted by David Waite 2000-09-29