1.3 Beta 1 released

Add several Server stress tests in Unit Tests
Don't emit a warning when parsing a Network XML configuration file for the Client and some Layers are defined for the Client in a Windowing configuration File but no Channels are defined for some of these Layers
Fix the Cockpit Layer not sending a A661_NOTIFICATION_ACTIVE message to the Client when activated in the Server
Implement the notion of a Layer Reference in the Server, allowing extensions to parse only the reference (Application ID and Layer ID) of the Layer at start, and parse the real Layer implementation only when needed
Redesign the ARINC 661 type system implementation
Allow to have several Channels for one Layer. This allows for example to use both a blocking queue Channel (for high-throughput cyclic receptions) and a limiting queue Channel (for low-throughput event receptions) for the same Layer
Support the A661_NOTE_REINIT_LAYER_DATA notification
Fix the Server Layers not doing anything if they received only Layer requests in an ARINC 661 Buffer
Support the management of allowed parent-children relationships in the Server, the Client and the Editor
Fix a failure while trying to delete a widget without a renderer in the Editor when using the JavaFX framework
Replace the Network configuration DTD by a Schema
Add a mechanism for extensions allowing to register an extension after the Client, Server or Editor initialization
Fix the PictureToggleButton behavior in the JavaFX configuration
Replace the graphics configuration DTD by a Schema
Fix the "NULL" value which was present for attributes values ComboBox in the Editor when the attribute is an enumeration
Add a "Reload Look and Feel" option which allows to reload the Look and Feel for all opened Definition Files. For example, if the user change the content of the CSS file specifying a JavaFX Look and Feel, and hit the "Reload Look and Feel" option, then all opened Definition Files in the Editor will take the change of CSS into account
Avoid exceptions in the GUI tools background task used in JavaFX after the Platform has been stopped
Fix the Embedded Server in the Editor not having the background specified in the Editor
Fix the new Layers in the Editor not having the background specified in the Editor in JavaFX
Fix the "ReplaceBy" function throwing an Exception in the Editor in JavaFX
Replace the pictures configuration DTD by a Schema
Support image cropping in the JavaFX framework
Reconnect automatically the TCP Protocol if it was disconnected because the other side of the connection was shutdown but the result was an IOException
Ensure that A661_NOTE_LAYER_IS_ACTIVE notifications are sent when the Client is ready to receive them (so for example for TCP Protocols when the output socket has connected)
Show a clear exception when parsing a graphics XML configuration for non existent or invalid fonts
Support keyboard shortcuts in the Editor in the JavaFX framework, when used on the Layers graphic panels
Allow extensions to create customized ARINC 661 types
Support the generation of the allowed parent-children relationships in the Widget definition plugin Word generation
Add a new capability in the Synth2 Look and Feel to disable Labels clipping
Add a new concept of "Allowed Outputs" to Network protocols, which indicates that the Protocol is ready to send output buffers, by contrast to the "Enabled Outputs", which is a user-specified state
Fix the Server not registering DFLoaders interfaces in some use cases when loading Definition Files
Fix the Server or Client emitting a false warning when parsing XML Definition Files for structured properties ("structprop")
Share a lot more code between the Client and Server XML parsers
Define 3 modes for the Server for sending notifications at Server start:
    "immediate" (the default), which is the previous mode, where the Server send a notification for each Layer, not waiting for the Client to be connected
    "onConnection", where the Server send a notification for each Layer after the Client has been recognized as connected
    "onFirstConnection", where the Server send a notification for each Layer after the Client has been recognized as connected, only for the first connection
    "never", where the Server never send automatically Layer notifications (except when replying on activation requests) 
Fix the alpha channel for Colors in JavaFX not correctly handled. Colors which has an alpha component where always completely transparent
Fix some default values for some enumerative values for widget parameters in the Editor which where incorrect
Allow to configure the Haloing around widgets in Swing to be specified by a float and not an int
Improve the drawing of Haloings around A661_NUMERIC_READOUT widgets in Swing
Fix the order of the selection of widgets in the Editor in JavaFX when more than one widget was at the same position
Improve the precision of widgets positioning in JavaFX (use sub-pixels positioning)
Fix the Editor actions in the Layer graphic Panel in the JavaFX framework when the Layer is zoomed
Dispose the Server application when clicking on the "close" icon on any Display Window when using the SuperLayer window manager in JavaFX
Fix new Layers created in the Editor being interactive even if the Editor was in Editing mode in JavaFX
Fix the unsized containers (as A661_BASIC_CONTAINER for example) not being movable in the graphic panel of the Editor in JavaFX
Fix the A661_GP_LINE, A661_GP_LINE_POLAR, and A661_GP_POLYLINE not being selectable in the graphic panel of the Editor in JavaFX
Fix the Client showing or sending wrong values to the Editor for some attribute types (Beta 1-specific bug)
Protect the Font loading from an URL in JavaFX from some possible exceptions after IO problems
Protect the abstract JavaFX base class which allows to use FXML files in widget renderers against cases where the URL of the FXML file is incorrect
Fix the Editor throwing an Exception when Saving a Definition File without any Layer
Fix the content of default Server graphic properties XML file used in the Editor if no graphic properties XML file is available
Fix the Editor being unable to load any Definition Files if there is an extension redefining the ARINC 661 widget definition repository
Create a new version of the scaledTranslation Container extension to work with the new J661 architecture
Fix the Definition Files application ID field not saved when saving the Definition File in the Editor
Fix saving A661_GP_POLYLINE widgets in XML or binary Definition Files in the Editor
Change the default width and height of Layers in parsed binary Definition Files from 1000 to 10000
Fix the Widget definition plugin not able to view a widget definition if the ARINC 661 XML model parser is redefined in an extension
Fix the default graphics settings for the Editor
Fix possible exceptions while parsing a binary Definition File in the Editor
Posted by Hervé Girod 2014-06-15