1.0 Beta 2 released

 Fix the Mouse transparency of Layers and Windows in the in JavaFX SuperLayer configuration
Support the Background image and Grid in the JavaFX framework in the Editor
Support widgets graphical selection in the JavaFX framework in the Editor
Allow widgets in the Swing or JavaFX framework to not return any Shape for the Editor, in that case their bounding box is automatically returned by the Editor
Change the way widget definition is defined to allow a future way of defining instances of widgets without having to create a class for each widget
Use the version 0.1 Beta 2 of the jDependency library
Use the version 2.0.2 of the Cobertura library (note that with this version, Cobertura use the release 4.1 of ASM)
Support CTRL + D for deleting in the Editor, and add a delete menu
Use version 0.7.6 of the MDIUtilities library
Temporarily remove the ability to nest jar files in jar files for extensions on Mac OS X, as the feature seemed not to work well under this OS
fix several problems with URLs while starting the Server on Mac OS X
Get rid of the old (and now unused) GraphicContext related code for the MapItems for JavaFX
Create a new synthetic widget implementation, which allow to not define a Java class implementation for a widget
Rename the existing AbstractWidget as AbstractBuiltin widget, the AbstractWidget is now common to the built-in implementation for widgets (the exiting one) and synthetic (the new one)
Reorganization of the helper code to properly separate the built-in and the synthetic widget implementation
Remove the necessity to deploy test extension jars in the test directory
Fix a regression in Beta 1 where widgets for which certain fields did not have an associated field in their built-in Java implementation where not correctly taken into account
Don't force Swing widgets to return an Overlay
Add an optional description for the extensions
Add base helper classes to implement easily JavaFX widget renderers based on a FXML file
Remove the updateProperties() method which was present at the end of most of the setWidget() method for renderers, because this method is however called automatically in the renderer creation
Get rid of the unused Agile2D framework in the OpenGL plugin
Fix some cases where the Server might not take into account further Client messages
Remove the use of the deprecated MDIUtilities class SAXParserPool
Add a new Widget definition plugin which allows to browse through the ARINC 661 XML model and see which keywords and hexadecimal IDs are already taken
Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-09-03