0.54 Beta 6 released

Use version 0.6.4 of the MDIFramework library
Allow the Editor to manage tabs which are not Definition Files. This will allow plugins to add other types of tabs (for example, a Plugin could create a new tab of tab which is the result of Definition Files comparison)
Add a Look model plugin which will ultimately be able to convert from/to the Look specification format to/from the Synth2 Look and Feel format. Note that the Look specification is an upcoming new feature of ARINC 661 supplement 5.
Fix a problem in the Embedded Server which lead to an infinite loop in Map widgets (in an embedded Server) showing legends
Add a Synth2 Look and Feel sample which implements the Windows Look and Feel
Fix the A661_SIZE_TO_FIT_CONTAINER and A661_SHUFFLE_TO_FIT_CONTAINER widgets having no registered renderers for the Server
Add full support for appliID management in the Client java API, and update the demos accordingly
Fix the positioning of the A661_MAPHORZ_PANEL and A661_MAPVERT_PANEL widgets
Fix an error in the values of X and Y properties for A661_EVT_SELECTION_MAP events for A661_MAPHORZ_SOURCE widgets in the Latitude/Longitude coordinate system
Avoid to compute immediately the text layout for a A661_LABEL if the label alignment change, but wait for the next time the label is painted
Clarify the error messages which will appear if the cockpit configuration or the network configuration is incorrect
Emit clear parsing exceptions if the Synth2 Look and Feel XML file parsing detect that the file has some invalid parameters
Fix the Java type of the NumberOfSymbols property for the A661_SYMBOL_ANIMATED widget
Fix a problem in the Embedded Server which could lead to wrong colors for texts
Fix exceptions sent by the Server in the Embedded Server configuration when changing the cockpit layout
Emit a clear Exception when parsing a Network configuration for incorrect directions specifications
Fix exception messages which could be sent by the Server for Maps in some heavy load configurations
Fix positioning of A661_MAPHORZ_PANEL and A661_MAPVERT_PANEL widgets in some cases in multi-applications cockpit configurations
Add cobertura in the building framework to allow to get the functional and structural coverage of unit tests
Fix the tag in the logger when the Server send messages (it was "CLIENT" instead of "SERVER")
Use version 0.7 Beta 5 of the MDIUtilities library
Protect the Server in the OpenGL embedded mode against possible OpenGL GL_VERTEX_ARRAY or GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY enabling performed by the C code before calling the Server. These enable would crash the Server while drawing arrays of vertices
Add a isRotatedSymbol property (default true) for A661_SYMBOL_TARGET MapItems to allow the main Shapes of the target to rotate with the MapItem orientation or not
Allow the Server to send an Exception to the Client if one Layer for a Client command is not defined
Fix a case where changing the cockpit configuration layout at runtime and having one Layer in the same window for the same Layout visible a second time would make this Layer modifications not visible anymore

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-11-25