0.54 Beta 4 released

Fix the MutuallyExclusiveContainer widget not sending any ARINC Exception in the case where the VisibleChild index is not the index of a child of the widget during runtime
Allow to stop the Debug plugin Debugger on a breakpoint on an ARINC Exception condition
Fix a bug which appeared after changing the Layout, if the Look and Feel was not the default Look and Feel: the Layers in the new Layout had a wrong Look and Feel
Fix a NullPointerException which appeared after changing the selected Layer in a "OneOf" Window since Beta 2
Fix the PopupMenu and PopupMenuButton widgets always sending 0 when closing the menu by clicking on a menu item
Fix the Server not seeing its plugins in cases where the user directory is not the parent directory of the Server jar file (note that it was still right if the userdir or pluginsDir directory was explicitly defined in the launch arguments)
Use version 0.6.4 Beta 2 of the MDIFramework library
Use version 0.7 Beta 4 of the MDIUtilities library
Improve performance of simple shapes (lines, rectangle, etc...) rendering in the Embedded Server
Fix the Server not parsing correctly URLs using the http or https protocol, when these URLs are defined as children of other URLs
Fix a false exception warning which could happen in certain cases when parsing an XML Definition File on the Server
Fix the A661_EVT_CURSOR_ENTER, A661_EVT_CURSOR_EXIT, and A661_EVT_CURSOR_INSIDE events sent by the Server for the widget A661_CURSOR_OVER: the X, Y position sent to the Client was top left while it should have been bottom left as defined by the standard
Fix the A661_EVT_POS_CHANGE event sent by the Server for the widget A661_CURSOR_POS_OVERLAY: the X, Y position sent to the Client was top left while it should have been bottom left as defined by the standard
Fix the A661_EVT_SELECTED entry value sent by the Server always being 0 when selecting an entry in the A661_POP_UP_MENU and A661_POP_UP_MENU_BUTTON widgets
Fix further non security related problems which could prevent to use of the Server as an Applet
Fix the A661_SLIDER widget always casting internally its values to int
Improve widget updates behavior for cockpits configuration when a Layer is present in more than one Display
Fix the previous MapItems list in the Maps plugin not being reset after reopening the Client window in the Editor a second time
Show a clean parsing error if one Definition File in a cockpit configuration file does not exist
Allow more extension capabilities in the Map widgets framework
Fix a regression in the Editor which made the grid moving when widgets were moved
Allow to use more than one Jar file to define the MapItems UI library implementation in the Server or the Editor
Fix labels horizontal alignment which could be a little off in some times
Add capability to use specific lineStyles (dot, etc..) on MapItem types which did not have it already (A661_SYMBOL_GENERIC, A661_SYMBOL_ROTATED, A661_SYMBOL_TARGET, A661_RUNWAY)
Support the use of new widget events unnamed parameter types: uchar and String
Allow to mix without any limitations named and unnamed parameters in the widget events definition
Fix tables of Long parameters not modifiable in the Client
Remove the A661_POS_X and A661_POS_Y parameters which were incorrectly defined as design-time parameters for the A661_BLINKING_CONTAINER widget
Improve the error message in the Embedded Client configuration file parsing in the case where a message ID does not exist for a widget. Previously the message was the same as when a widget ID did not exist
Remove the A661_SCALED_TRANSLATION_CONTAINER from the supported widgets because it has been removed from supplement 5 (replaced by better and more general widgets to scale any parameter). The A661_SCALED_TRANSLATION_CONTAINER is now available as a contrib extension
Change the build of the test utilities to allow to use them easily in other projects
Now if the user start the Editor and use the "-propFile" option without defining any properties file, the Editor will ask for the file to use before starting
Implement the A661_DATA_SCALING_LONG, A661_DATA_SCALING_ULONG, and A661_DATA_SCALING_FR180 widgets for supplement 5
Implement the A661_MAPHORZ_PANEL and A661_MAPVERT_PANEL widgets for supplement 5
Add a resolIndep property for the fonts element in the graphic properties to be sure to have the same resolution as the native resolution for fonts. This is particularly important if it is necessary to have exactly the same size as the Windows native fonts for the same point value (Mac OS X fonts usually have the same size as Java)
The UIProperties plugin is not working properly. An exception occurs when using it on a widget
Fix sending MapItems to the Server by the Maps plugin not working in all cases in complex configurations

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-10-04