0.54 Beta 3 released

Fix the direct OpenGL mode never being used in the Embedded Server, regardless of the value of the OpenGL.textured property. This should fix an unusual bad performance experienced in the embedded mode

Improve performance of OpenGL Strings rendering in the Embedded Server

Add several new methods in the Editor scripting Plugin helper to allow to remove, or create a widget through a script

Add two utility methods in the Editor scripting Plugin helper to allow to get/set a widget property knowing the name of the property (the one which is defined in the XML File) rather than the ARINC ID of this property

Fix the computing of the text dimensions for a widget in the Editor scripting Plugin helper which was wrong in some cases

Emit a clear warning when parsing an XML Definition File, in the case where a Color, a Font, a Line Style, a Blinking, a Clipping, or a Symbol reference in the Definition File do not exist
Fix the A661_READOUT implementation: in the case where there was a background in the Readout Look and Feel, the height of the background was always equal to the height of the characters, whereas it should have fill the widget bounding box

Fix the A661_READOUT and A661_EDIT_BOX_NUMERIC formatting: it was possible for the numeric value to have more digits that the number of digits defined in the format

Make sure the Image plugin draws images in the EDT

Add support for the bitmap image format for the Editor background

Add the ability for Editor plugins to add menus items/actions/etc in the widget popup menu which appear by right-clicking on a widget

Add a new UIProperties plugin which allows to see in the Editor the list of UI components composing a widget, and, in the case of the Synth2 Look and Feel, their respective properties

Protect the Editor against specific cases (mainly in Unit Tests) where the plugins manager could be null (where the plugin directory could not be found)

Fix a regression which prevented to start the Debug plugin in the Editor

Change private class fields to have a starting "_" in the name to prevent name shadowing in the source code

Fix an OpenGL stack exception in the embedded mode when drawing Map widgets

Support breakpoints in the Debug plugin. Add a search panel for the Debug Plugin. Show current widget properties in the plugin

Add many javadoc for protected class fields

Fix some cases where the background of the Server window without a window configuration would be incorrect

Fix a bug where loading twice the same Layer in the Server without a window configuration would not show anything in the Server panel the second time

Allow to reuse the same port for the input and the output in the TCP protocol

Fix some bugs concerning security context which could prevent to use of the Server as an Applet

Fix a potential memory leak in the Editor

Fix a regression which prevented to draw MapItemList widgets in the Editor since 0.54 Beta 2

Allow to show / hide the PopupMenu widget in the Editor (Note that this widget visibility is runtime-only)

Fix a bug where array properties for PopupMenu widgets where not parsed correctly in the Definition File by the Server

Fix position of Connected Layers in TabbedPanelGroups

Fix a bug in the Cut and Paste in the Editor where if a Container was moved to the last position in the widgets tree, it's children would disappear after an Undo, and the ID of the Container and it's children would not be marked as taken in the Editor, allowing for problems with widget IDs being found twice in the Layer after further Layer modifications in the Editor

Allow to define window types under instances of Layouts in the SuperLayer configuration file

Fix a bug which would lead to an Exception in the case where a MapItemList widget was under a Connected Layer which would not be present when starting the Server because the default windowing configuration would not have defined its parent Layer at start

Fix some potential problems with MapItems not showing in a Basic Server GUI after the Beta 2

Protect every File to URL conversions in the J661 code to avoid any potential problems in Windows paths (white spaces, etc...)

Allow to use previously parsed list of properties in the Client and the Server when parsing configuration

Use version 0.6.4 Beta 1 of the MDIFramework library

Use version 0.7 Beta 2 of the MDIUtilities library

Update the Demo project to adapt to a few changes in the API

Update the FGPlayback and FGLiveProvider contribs projects

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-09-16