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#5 editor: make the UI more self-explanatory


it is possible that people not yet familiar with ARINC661 may want to use j661, so being as self-explanatory as possible seems to be a good idea:
- "Definition File (DF)" instead of just "DF"?
- "User Application (UA)" instead of just "UA"?

And ome of the most important features are hidden due to nested context menus (CREATE / CREATE NEW LAYER) or (CREATE, UNDER)
This is somewhat unfortunate and not very intuitive in my opinion.

It would probably be more intuitive to add a tiny toolbar for these features to the top of the treeview for each DF?

I would also suggest to use the log area to show interactive hints like: "add a new root layer to be able to add widgets" ?
This could probably be also accomplished by using tooltips for the toolbar buttons instead.

Also I would suggest to make the "Choose widget" dialog "dockable", so that it can become a part of the default screen.
Maybe it should be disabled/greyed out when no DF layers are available - showing a note saying "add a layer to add widgets".
I think that would be more in line with similar GUI design tools (i.e. like Qt designer)


  • Also, the greyed out "Runtime/Open Client" item could be made more intuitive by adding " (start server first)"