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#14 more interactive support in UA script editor

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All of this A661 stuff is really new to me, and I don't have access to the specs unfortunately.
So I am really not very familiar with the possibilities that exist. And I don't know all commands, messages, constants etc.

This is why I would like to suggest to add more interactive support to the UA client editors (for scripts):
A very good thing to do would be using tooltips and popup menus in the script editor (like intellisense).
Ideally, the scripting API would be exposed via tooltips and dropdown menus, so that users can get started more easily.

important things would be argument count, argument types, names. But also constants for different layer types etc

Adding a "documentation" tab might be another good idea eventually.

- Jake


  • Hervé Girod
    Hervé Girod

    Yes it can be done, and I think it's a good idea, I just have to add a kind of generic capability for this in the editor. I like to do things in the most generic way I can ;)

  • The idea is really good, exposing the API like this should make it much easier to get started, even without having an API reference.

    Another easy thing to do would be adding web links to tutorials on learning beanshell and groovy to the program, so that people can more easily learn the languages involved.