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#12 smarter XML file recognition when loading files


there are many different XML supported and used by j661, i.e. these are files which all have different DTDs or schemas.

Every once in a while I actually managed to pick the wrong type of XML file for the task at hand, and j661 cannot currently handle this too well.
I guess it would make sense to look for some tags/attributes in the XML file and automatically recognize that the chosen file has the wrong format.
And then there should ideally be an error message saying "This is not the right type of XML file". Currently, it is possible to halt the editor by picking the wrong type of XML file,

- Jake


  • Hervé Girod
    Hervé Girod

    To be able to do this, I would have to stop the parsing before the end in the various parsers if they recognize that it's not the right type of file. This is not straightforward in SAX parsers, but still very possible. I will try to add a generic behavior to do this and "fail gracefully" in these circumstances.

    Something I can also do, but later, would be to go from SAX parsing to pull parsing (Stax). I already did this in scenarios because it is standard to pause and stop a scenario. Only it involves much more work because it changes the architecture of the parser itself.