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Java 8 version

  • Hervé Girod
    Hervé Girod

    As already written here, there are two branches which have exactly the same functions. 1.1 work on Java 7, and 1.2 is working on Java 8u20. The reason why these two versions are different is due to the API differences for JavaFX between Java 7 (JavaFX 2.2) and Java 8 (JavaFX 8). After some time there might be more profound differences between the two branches (note that 1.2 is the new trunk).

    Note that you will need a Java 8 JRE / JDK to execute (or build) 1.2.

    The reason why we use Java8u20 and not the just released Java 8 version is that we need to have the support for the alwaysOnTop property for Stages, which will be available beginning with 8u20. Early Access for 8u20 are here: https://jdk8.java.net/download.html. However, if you need to make J661 work and build with the official Java8 version, you will only have to remove 3 lines in the JFXServerDisplay class which deal with the alwaysOnTop property.



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