JSpider: Testers wanted

The JSpider project just released it's fifth alpha release, 0.5.0-DEV.

JSpider is a web robot engine that can be used to find dead links on a website, mirror sites, find e-mail addresses exposed in it, create a sitemap, etc...

We believe to have reach a point in the development where the project can really be usefull to people. Now is the moment to bring the project to a higher level of quality with your help.

We are seeking for people with some java and/or html knowledge to test it thoroughly.

If you've got a website, you can use JSpider to check it for dead links, create an XML sitemap, etc...

It can be a very handy tool for you to use as a webmaster, and you can help debugging it.
No two sites are the same, and we want JSpider to be able to handle all of them.

So, if you are interested, please come and download our latest version. Since we have a full-blown user manual now, it should be peace of cake to install and configure.

If you got any questions, remarks, ... feel free to contact us!

Posted by Günther Van Roey 2003-05-02