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j-Interop 3.0 Released !

Dear all,
This release (v3.0.0) includes:-

  1. We have moved from LGPL v3 to EPL v1.

  2. Removed GNU Crypto and moved to BouncyCastle.

  3. Removed Wombat classes and moved to Java implementation of the same.

  4. Upgraded to DCOM 5.7 protocol. j-Interop will now "negotiate" (as per DCOM
    specs) and use the latest protocol if supported by the Server.

  5. Bunch of minor fixes.

That's it,
best regards,
j-Interop Team.

Posted by Vikram Roopchand 2013-06-28
  • Madhur Chaini
    Madhur Chaini

    Hey Vikram,

    I am Madhur Chaini working as Java Software Developer.Here we are using your J-interop and J-interopdeps jars for supporting WMI. And now we want to support both ipv4 and ipv6 address in our product.Related jar i.e. JCIFS-1.2.19.jar is also not supporting for file sharing between two ipv6 system.We have our product running in one machine and i.e. Linux and we want to communicate to two Windows machines over ipv6 address for file transfer and Replication.Kindly Mail us back if you are interested in making these changes in j-interop jar and its dependent jars i.e JCIFS-1.2.19.jar and J-interopdeps. We will be waiting for your response.and we are ready to pay some amount for this changes also.