j-Interop 2.01 (RC. 6) Released !

Dear All,
This is a bug fix release (aren't they all :)...). Major issues addressed in this are:-

a) A deadlock condition which came up when COM references were being added to the session and being deferenced by the cleanup thread simultaneously.
b) Callback are now multithreaded (system used to hang sometimes during heavy event call backs).
c) JIVariant has a fix to take care of unsually high arrays.
d) There was a protocol error reported on Windows 2K3 servers during heavy multithreading, this has been resolved.
e) Reference mechanism has been enhanced , now an addRef implicitly takes place when ever the library acquires a COM interface reference.
f) A new method has been introduced in JISystem to allow users to set the hostname to IP mappings in those cases where such a mapping cannot be resolved via Java subsystem.
g) Importantly, our licensing is now changed to LGPL 3.0. If they are some users requiring LGPL 2.1 exception, please contact us.

That's it, until next time,
best regards,

Posted by Vikram Roopchand 2008-07-24