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Session timeout

  • Langlois

    Hi everyone

    I have developped an pure JAVA OPC client with the J-Interop librairies.
    This client was developped in order to perform automation data controls.

    When I run my client, the connection is ok and I can perform data exchanges.
    Now, I try to simulate a crash connection between my OPC client and my OPC server (which is an DCOM
    application). In fact, I am just breaking the TCP link when my client runs.

    The problem : my client freezes on server function access (perfectly normal, there is no more connection).

    I want to unfreeze my client with some TIMEOUT on server function access in order to return connection exceptions for exemple.
    In worst case, I will start Threads whose will kill the server function access but I want know  if  there is an JInterop solution.

    Does anyone have ideas ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards

    Pieters LANGLOIS

  • Langlois

    Ok a JISession function does this.

    No more questions…