#41 Grateful for it but too many bugs/problems


I have used J-Ftp many times so I am grateful for it
but it has never ever, not once ever worked properly
and completely for me. I like to travel, take photos
and then upload some squashed version to my website and
a secure Java FTP client is ideal. However, J-FTP in
all the versions that I have used over the last year
including 1.46 always hangs when transferring more than
one file.

Furthermore, I hate the design layout with multiple
overlapping windows and Frames that appear behind the
main panel - that one design choice causes many other
problems as well as being confusing:
- Missed output,
- waiting icon only appears against menu panel and the
main panel background when the whole thing has hung etc.

I don´t want a sourfoge feed, I don´t want a SMB
browser, I just want a secure Java hierarchical FTP
client so now I am trying Google for the nth time to
find an alternative


  • Jake Kasprzak
    Jake Kasprzak

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    Well, let me begin by saying that we are always looking for
    ways to improve on what we have here and so it certainly is
    good hear suggestions as to how we can make improvements.
    Whenever a bug is submitted, a feature is requested, or a
    user asks for any other kind of support, we make it a high
    priority to give users what they would like. All you need to
    do is ask for support, and we will do what we can to give
    it. However, there are some points that I should make
    regarding this bug.

    First, we are aware of the issue in which the application
    hangs when transferring more than one file at once. In fact,
    if you check the section for support requests, you will see
    that we have looked into this issue. In tests that we have
    run, we have found that occasionally it hangs, but have had
    some difficulty in finding what could be causing this. Now
    that you have mentioned that it has caused the application
    to not run reliably enough for what you do, we will make it
    a higher priority to find out what could be causing this.

    Regarding GUI-related issues, I should point out that there
    are some improvements that could be made. We can perhaps
    make the layout more customizable, and maybe more like how
    you want it to appear. I can understand that some other
    issues related to the GUI may be occurring. But again, we
    rely on feedback from users in order to prioritize what we
    will do next.

    Having mentioned this, I should point out that any time any
    user would like some improvement to be made, it would be
    best to post it here as soon as possible. The sooner it is
    posted here, the sooner we will know what users want, and
    the sooner we can implement what is requested. And just to
    let you know, I have been looking into ways to customize the
    GUI, so that the layout of everything can be one that you
    can choose. I have also been looking for ways to test the
    FTP transfer functionality the isolate the bug that has
    caused the application to hang. This means it may take
    longer to have a GUI for deleting and modifying bookmarks,
    but we'll do what we can to develop the file transfer client
    that users would like to have.



  • Cyberdemon

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    I can understand that you are disapponted if something does
    not work as you have expected, but most of your points are
    imho invalid.

    - You can disable the newsfeed by simply unchecking a
    checkbox in the menu

    - The smb code (which works good for at least some setups
    with some protocol versions) does not affect stability after

    - The fact that the GUI is using JInteralFrames, even if you
    don't like the design, is not the problem behind those
    crashes. I would fix this as soon as possible if I could
    reproduce this problem, but although the bug occurred
    occasionally on my system/setup I haven't seen it for a
    while (and without stacktraces, I can' even guess where it's
    coming from). Second, there are some ways to get around
    those bugs (FTP queueing system, disabled multithreading)
    which at least help to get some work done.

    If you can send stacktraces and more details about your
    problems I'll look at those, of course.

  • Cyberdemon

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    The freeze-bug should be fixed.

  • Cyberdemon

    • status: open --> closed