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Read Me

Culmus fonts support for latex. Formerly known as tetex-fonts-hebrew. 

Maintainer:          Guy Rutenberg <>
Original Maintainer: Dan Kenigsberg <>
You may also report any bugs or suggestions to 

culmus-latex is released under the term of the GPL version 2, or 
(at your option) any later version. See GNU-GPL (distributed in this 
package) for more details.

This license only refers to the package itself. Terms of use and license of the 
Culmus fonts that come with this package (if you received a package that
provides them) is covered in the file LICENSE-Culmus.

- teTex-3.0 (may also work on older version but untested). TeXLive 2007
  is recommended.
- The "Culmus" fonts package.

To install culmus-latex untar the package and cd into the 
package's directory and execute:

$ make
# make install

The second command must be done as root. The installation process 
assumes that the texmf dir resides in /usr/share/texmf and that the 
culmus fonts reside in /usr/share/fonts/hebrew . To override this 
settings append to the above command "CULMUSDIR=/path/to/culmus/" and/or 
"TEXMFDIR=/path/to/texmf" (both without the quotes). For example installing
into a local texmf (assuming TeXLive 2012):

$ make install TEXMFDIR=~/.local/texlive/texmf-local/

After the installation was done you may want to clean some temporary 
files created during the setup process. You can do it by executing 
"make clean" (without the quotes). Keep the other files if you intend to 
unistall the package at a later time.

Uninstallation may be done by issuing "make uninstall"

Notes to Ubuntu users:
You will need the texlive-font-utils package in order to install culmus-latx.
The following commands should do it (at least for 7.04 and 7.10):

sudo apt-get install texlive-font-utils
make CULMUSDIR=/usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1/ TEXMFDIR=/usr/share/texmf-texlive/
sudo make install CULMUSDIR=/usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1/ TEXMFDIR=/usr/share/texmf-texlive/

Notes to Packagers
Packagers might be interested in using "make pgkinstall" instead of 
"make install" of source packages under systems that enforce a sandbox 
policies (like Gentoo) during installation. It will cause the setup 
process not to do mktexlsr and updmap. Those command should be done 
later on those systems.

While installing the package requires the culmus fonts, after the 
installation was done there is no need anymore for the culmus package.

The package provides the culmus.sty package, you can enable the culmus 
fonts as the default fonts in your document by adding 
"\usepackage{culmus}" to the document preabmle. 

You can also change the font-family manully without using the culmus 
package. Just add the following line: 
to alter the font-family used in the document from this line onward. 
Using "frank" is one of the several font-family names available. Others 
include: aharoni, miriam, david, nachlieli, ellinia, yehuda, drugulin.

Change Log

- Default font size was adjusted (now bigger) so documents written in older
  packages will look the same in culmus-latex. This action can be reversed by
  paasing the "small-size" option to the package.
- Add package optio (use-david) that allows to select David as the default
  roman font.
- Makefile target to create tarballs that don't require the Culmus fonts or
  fontutils in order to install.
- Made culmus-latex work correctly with the Latin Modern package.
- Disabled unnecessary creation of folders.
- Added new example.

- Add support for nikud
- Automatic recognition of TEXMF and CULMUSDIR settings.
- Add support for DESTDIR in the Makefile

- Name change.

- Several pathces for fixing the package on some distributions.
- Uninstall script.
- New maintainer.

- Original package by Dan Kenigsberg.

Many thanks should go to Dan Kenigsberg for making this package in the 
first place.