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IVC 1.0.3, Testers needed!

The Information Visualization Cyberinfrastructure 1.0.3 has been released!
We are now in need of testers, to find bugs and submit them. Any help would be appreciated. Installer is on sourceforge, our code is on the cvs, and our development site is at:

Posted by bh2 2005-10-20

IVCSF 1.0 License

The IVCSF will use Apache License Version 2.0. This means you can use it for your own work and even make commercial apps out of the framework.

Posted by vowitaf 2005-10-06


The IVCSF project is moving closer to its 1.0 final release. Currently, we are involved in testing and fixing all the minor problems. That will be followed by user testing where we will fix usability problems so that the IVCSF is easier to use.

Starting with the 1.0 release, the IVCSF will no longer provide a 'full' version. The IVCSF is really just a framework and the plugins that do analysis or visualization are hacked together as a proof of concept. These will still be available (and we are polishing them cuz we know they are very useful) but only through IVCSF's update feature. A user guide is coming up at read more

Posted by vowitaf 2005-10-06

IVC 0.2.4 Released and moved to EPL 1.0

A new version of the IVC (0.2.4) has been released. This release features several bug fixes, documentation updates and new plugins by bh2 (Dendrogram, SimVis) and vowitaf (Vector Space Model).
The most notable change in this release is our transition to the Eclipse Public License version 1.0 from LGPL.
Also check out the cvs for the IVC version being developed based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (lead developer: jasellis).

Posted by vowitaf 2005-02-22

IVC 0.2.3 Released

This latest IVC release features the new LSA and FishEyeTable plugins, several bug fixes, refactorings and improvements - most notably the ModelManager, which allows better management of data models loaded in memory. Also new is the xGMML persister comes from Prefuse (

Posted by vowitaf 2005-01-14

New JUNG and COLT libs added.

With the addition of new graph libraries for JUNG and COLT, the network layout plugins now have zooming and panning built into them. This will be available in the next release. If you can't wait, use cvs to checkout the source!

Posted by vowitaf 2004-11-17