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iUPX / News: Recent posts

iUPX 1.2 released

The iUPX 1.2 has been released with some new fancy features. Enjoy it!

05/03/2009 - 1.2

  • Added errors badge in dock icon (for MacOS X 10.5 users only)
  • Added progress bar in dock icon
  • Added Growl notifications
  • Fixed bug with UPX progress bar detection
  • Fixed other small bugs
  • Changed individual progress bar to an unique progress bar
  • Changed indeterminate progress for decompressing mode to % progress
Posted by Xesc & Technology 2009-03-06

iUPX 1.1 released

The iUPX 1.1 has been released with alot of new features. Enjoy it!

25/01/2009 - 1.1

  • Added suport for MacOS X 10.4
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Added Catalan translation
  • Added dynamic drop message
  • Added errors handling
  • Improved English translation
  • Improved compression progress parsing
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Changed: After close the main window the app its removed from Dock
  • Changed: Redesigned internal structure
  • Changed: Divided the "MainMenu.xib" into two NIBs (MainMenu.xib and MainWindow.xib)
  • Changed: The decompressing progress bar is now animated
  • Removed ToolBar hide/show button
Posted by Xesc & Technology 2009-02-25