Make sure you do those calls after at least one iup.glcanvas is mapped on the system.

In "luagl.wlua" i got all 6 output when the print is done after the dialog is shown.


On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Victor Bombi <> wrote:
I am getting info with

 print("glu.VERSION ",glu.GetString(glu.VERSION))
 print("glu.EXTENSIONS ",glu.GetString(glu.EXTENSIONS))
 print("gl.VENDOR ",gl.GetString(gl.VENDOR))
 print("gl.RENDERER ",gl.GetString(gl.RENDERER))
 print("gl.VERSION ",gl.GetString(gl.VERSION))
 print("gl.EXTENSIONS ",gl.GetString(gl.EXTENSIONS))

(in luaGL dialect)

For GL bindings I am using luaGL or glfw ( a ffi binding to GLFW and GL)

For window sytem I am using:
1-iup I am only getting the first 2 lines (with both bindings: luaGL or
2-wxlua I get 6 lines (specifically the version 2.1 of opengl)
3-GLFW as window system I get the same as wxlua

Thats why I think that the GL context provided by iup is the "basic" one
corresponding to opengl 1.3
and not the extensions provided by wglGetProcAddress? as explained in
for example or by other helper library

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