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Possiblity of Owner change while changing Status

  • Marco

    Hi Jaydev

    I would expect this exactly works like you describe it should.

    When you set up from scratch on trunk a scenario to reproduce this, maybe we have a chance to isolate the cause for the problem you see.

    1. checkout trunk of tracker
    2. run maven: mvn package jetty:run -Pitracker.jetty
    3. open the browser to localhost:8888/itracker and login with admin/admin
    4. create the project and your custom status (350)
    5. create a user with the same permissions as the failing (which checkboxes are actually set for the project permissions?)
    6. create another user which is set-up as the one that should get assigned after custom status is set on the issue
    7. try reproduce the problem on this environment

    What works for me so far on the trunk with jetty:
    - adding the project
    - adding a test-user with access to the project
    - adding custom status 350
    - creating an issue as admin, assigning test-user
    - changing status to 350 by test-user, re-assign issue

    keep in mind, there are permissions 'Unassign Issues from Self', 'Assign Issues to Others', 'Full Issue Edit' which might also affect your problem.