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[ba2081]: TODO Maximize Restore History

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General improvements for the future

* Speed improvements:
  - revise the idea of shallow matrix views

* Possibly add linear programming (LP) in the form of an external library

* Add routines for optimization
  - Use GSL for fminbnd (brent) and fminunc (BFGS)?
  - Add other routines from http://plato.asu.edu/guide.html and
    http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~neum/glopt.html - LP, SDP, SOCP...

* Support for existing wireless standards, e.g. GSM/GPRS, WCDMA, WLAN,
  WIMAX, etc.

* IT++ interpreter

Specific features

* Multi-dimensional arrays

* The member ">>" and "<< operators needs to be revised. The "<<" operator
  does not always match the ">>" one.

* Make an m-file load/saver (similar to it-file).

* Soft-in soft-out turbo decoder (Erik)

* Class for operation on index sets? (Erik)

* Revision of (scalar) modulators to use fast likelihood algebra and
  to take soft inputs (for higher order constellations) (Erik)

* Sparse matrix class:
  - should choose the transposed matrix also (for fast row access)? (Erik)
  - is there any gain by maintaining the index vector sorted? (Erik)
  - add cout for Sparse_Vec and Sparse_Mat (Pal)

* GF2mat_dense class: (Erik)
  - There is probably potential for improving the efficiency of some
    of the matrix/vector multiplication operators (see specific
    comments in the code)

  - Implement a general GF(2)-matrix class which offers the user a
    transparent interface (user does not need to know whether the
    sparse or the dense representation is used)?

* LDPC classes: (Erik)
  - Implement ACE-measured based random matrix generation of
    irregular codes

  - Add more extensive information gathering functions

  - Support for efficient encoding, using sparse representation of
    generator matrix

  - Support for structured parity check matrices

  - Optimizations in decoder? Implement suboptimum decoding schemes,
    e.g. min-sum?

  - In MGW-cycle removal algorithm, hardcode a binomial expansion of
    the adjacency matrix for higher powers to improve efficiency