Segmentation Fault with Turbo_Codec privided into IT++

  • Hello,

    I am new to IT++ library, and I need some help. I have to use the Turbo Codec and I get some troubles : indeed, as soon as the code parameters are to be set, the progam returns a segmentation fault, although I follow exactly the (small) tutorial to initialize some W-CDMA Turbo Code as described below :

    int main(void)

    Turbo_Codec turbo;
    ivec gen(2);
    gen(0) = 013;   gen(1) = 015;
    int constraint_length = 4;
    ivec interleaver_sequence = wcdma_turbo_interleaver_sequence( 320 );
    turbo.set_parameters(gen, gen, constraint_length, interleaver_sequence);
    return 0;


    Just those few lines... The compiling and linking phases are OK with no error.

    I am lost.

    OS : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits

  • The segmentation fault happens when I set the "turbo.set_parameters()" method.

  • Bogdan Cristea
    Bogdan Cristea

    which IT++ version do you use ? And external libs ?

  • Sorry, here my versions of libraries :

    IT++ : 4.2-4
    ATLAS : libatlas3gf-base 3.8.4-3build1
    BLAS : libblas3gf 1.2.20110419-2ubuntu1
    FFTw : libfftw3-3 3.3-1ubuntu1
    LAPACK: liblapack3gf 3.3.1-1

    OS : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits

  • Bogdan Cristea
    Bogdan Cristea

    On Ubuntu 12.04 32 bits version with sources from master I don't get this crash. Could you use the latest version (download a snapshot of the sources found in master, from git repo) run the unit tests and report back the results. There is a turbo_test.cpp which uses Turbo_Codec class, so the crash should happen while running the unit tests.