#65 itpp::it_file.open()


I am running it++3.7.2 with g++ (GCC) 3.3.1.

First Bug, I get a core dump when I try to open an it++
for reading with the ipp::it_ifile.open() class.

Second bug, if I try to open a file with class
itpp::it_file.open() and the file does not exist then I get
a core dump. Also, if I change write permissions to read
only then I also get a core dump. Can we incorporate a
fix that allows read only access?

Third bug/improvment, the documentation lists a
function called itpp::it_file.exist(). There is no such
class. There is an it_file.exists() but it only looks for a
variable inside of an opened file not checking if a file
exists on the disk as the documentation states.


Michael Kreeger


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    The third bug is not a bug. There is a routine
    itpp::exist(filename) and a routine itpp::it_file:exists().
    These functions do what is stated in the documentation.
    However, I do admit that it may seem strange in the
    documentation of the IT++ file module.


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    The first bug has been fixed and checked into CVS. However,
    it is not a very good fix. Apparently the problem lies in
    the bfstream::open_readonly(). When using this open function
    it does not work while using bfstream::open() it works. So
    this fix is temporary.

    The second bug cannot be fixed until a better solution to
    the first bug is found.

    These temporary fixes are included into CVS for release in


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    This bug has now been fixed properly. The reason was that
    tellp() was used in it_ifile functions while it should have
    been tellg().

    Checked into CVS and ready for 3.8.0.