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iTop at Open Source Summit in Paris

Combodo will be introducing iTop latest news at the Open Source Summit in Paris, November 18th & 19th. Come meet Combodo founders and iTop developers, attend free live demos and discuss your project with our experts.

Free registration now :

Posted by Denis 2015-11-04

iTop 2.0.2 release

The maintenance release 2.0.2 of iTop is available.

Visit for more information

Posted by Romain Quetiez 2013-12-11

iTop 1.2.1 released

The maintenance release 1.2.1 of iTop is available.

Even though it is a maintenance release there are still a few new features: the Query Phrasebook, some Enhancements to the Data Synchronization and a faster Interactive Audit.

Visit for more information

Posted by Denis 2012-02-01

iTop 1.1-beta available

The beta version of iTop 1.1 is available. Don't hesitate to test-drive it. This new version brings powerful enhancements to the application: support of bulk actions, enhanced forms, performance improvements and an embedded data synchronization mechanism.

For more information, have a look at the complete announcement:

Posted by Denis 2011-04-13

iTop Customization Toolkit released

The first version of the "toolkit" for customizing iTop is available.

Check the documentation here: ""

Posted by Denis 2011-03-03

iTop 1.0.2 released

The maintenance release 1.0.2 of iTop is available.

This release adds the support of three new languages: Chinese, Russian and Turkish ; and also a number of minor fixes.

For more information:

Posted by Denis 2011-01-19

iTop 1.0.1 released

The maintenance release 1.0.1 of iTop is available for your download.

This release focuses on 3 axis:
- Hardening of the installation process
- Usability improvements (forms validation and default values)
- Transparent upgrade from 1.0

For more information, have a look at the full announcement:

Posted by Denis 2010-11-04

iTop 1.0 professional version available

The Professional version of iTop is available

Improve the productivity of your support teams with the IT Operational Portal, 100% open source, aligned with ITIL best practices.

iTop is built around a CMDB that is entirely configurable, and helps enterprises in implementing ITIL step by step.

The audit feature of iTop guarantees consistency of data that will be used to analyze the impact of an incident or a change.... read more

Posted by Denis 2010-09-24

Version 0.7.1 released

The first public version of iTop (IT Operations Portal) web application has just been released.

Feel free to download the version 0.7.1 to test drive it !

Posted by Denis 2009-04-30