iTop 1.2 to 2.0 with full benefits?

  • UsverIN

    i have 1.2 version with no modifications.
    From "How to upgrade" we can see "I want to benefit from the 2.0 data model, how can I upgrade?".
    "If you want to use the new data model, you have to install a new instance of iTop and export the data from your old instance, then re-import them in the new instance (some transformations may be needed for some classes)."
    - Does somebody do those transformation?
    - How?
    - what restrictions we will get if just to upgrade(what does it mean(form howto):"The data model will be upgraded to the version 1.3 and the data will be migrated automatically. All features of iTop are operational, but the data model is different from a version 2.0 installed “from scratch”." )

  • UsverIN

    What does import report mean?
    #Output format: summary
    #Class: Server
    #Separator: ,
    #Qualifier: "
    #Charset Encoding:UTF-8
    #Date format: <none>
    #Localize: yes
    #Data Size: 24582
    #Data Lines: 115
    #Simulate: 0
    #Columns: name, status, org_id->name, business_criticity, brand_id->name, model_id->name, serialnumber, asset_number, description, location_id->name, managementip, cpu, ram, osfamily_id->name, osversion_id->name
    #Reconciliation Keys: name
    #Change tracking comment:
    #Issues: 115
    #Warnings: 0
    #Created: 0
    #Updated: 0
    #Unchanged: 0

    Where i can see this "Issues"? Why import is not working(where are no servers in iTop after import)?
    PS import contacts completed whithout errors and contacts apeared in new iTop

  • UsverIN

    I used "CSV Import" from web inteface iTop, and i found all errors here.

  • UsverIN

    How can i import Incidents from iTop 1.2 to iTop 2 whith saving all information(ref, dates...)? when i using web interface importing many fileds told "reason: The attribute 'XXX' is read-only "(ref,Start date,Impact,Urgency,Priority...)

  • UsverIN

    WHERE in DB or file system are attachments for incidents placed?

  • Denis

    The attachments are in the database.
    Look for the table attachment.

    The related ticket is referenced by the couple of fields: item_class / item_id.

  • UsverIN

    oh :) i've missed, thnx

  • Denis

    For your information: the wiki has just been updated with a page dedicated to migrating your data from 1.x to 2.0.

    Don't hesitate to have a look at it:

    • I'm performing an upgrade of Itop1.2 system to version 2. I need to upgrade data model too. I'm following document.
      After applayng 1x_to-20_migration.sql for data migration I need to perform CSV export and after a CSV import.
      I'm having some difficult to complete this operation.

      php /var/www/itop2-web/webservices/export.php --auth_user=MYUSER --auth_pwd=MYPWD --expression="SELECT NetworkDevice" --format=csv --fields="name","status","org_id","importance","serial_number","location_id","status","status","brand","model","asset_ref","management_ip","type","ios_version","ram"

      When I try to import:
      php /var/www/itop2-new/webservices/import.php --auth_user=MYUSER --auth_pwd=MYPWD --class=NetworkDevice --csvfile=exportNetworkDev.csv

      obviously I get the following error:
      Unknown column: 'Owner organization'

      How i can cange the name of column of the data to import?
      I need to change name inside the csv or there is a way to define the fild column in import command?

  • I'm still perform an itop 1.2 upgrade to itop 2 new data model.

    I describe the step I followed for my partial upgrade in the document attached.
    I resolve the issue of the Command Line import usind the GUI import.

    I'm now having trouble for export and import document (entire file and not only description), and for import link between document and CI.

    Will someone please help me?

  • I'm still have a lot of issue during import procedure.

    I got several MATCHING ISSUE when I try to import csv:
    When I got an error importing a class then I try to create a object directly in the new datamodel then export and reimport and I got always “No match”, “Issue: failed to reconcile”

    Can someone help me?