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Auto Assignment problems

  • Pankaj khurana
    Pankaj khurana

    Hello itop team,

    I want to assign ticket directly when we create a ticket for this i have a changed a query..
    And in model.itop-icident-mgmt-itil.php i directly assigned "default_value"=>'assigned'@40.
    it work fine but problem is its shows a pending, mark as resolved and reassign button at incident creation display form..

    for coming up this problem if i commented this following lines then this button disappear

    MetaModel::Init_DefineTransition("assigned", "ev_pending", array("target_state"=>"pending", "actions"=>array('SetLastPendingDate'), "user_restriction"=>null));
    MetaModel::Init_DefineTransition("assigned", "ev_resolve", array("target_state"=>"resolved", "actions"=>array('SetResolveDate', 'resolveChilds'), "user_restriction"=>null));
    MetaModel::Init_DefineTransition("assigned", "ev_reassign", array("target_state"=>"assigned", "actions"=>array(), "user_restriction"=>null));
    MetaModel::Init_DefineTransition("assigned", "ev_timeout", array("target_state"=>"escalated_ttr", "actions"=>array(), "user_restriction"=>null));
    MetaModel::Init_DefineTransition("assigned", "ev_autoresolve", array("target_state"=>"resolved", "actions"=>array('SetResolveDate', 'resolveChilds'), "user_restriction"=>null));

    But when Incident ticket created and you want to mark as resolved incident or reassign then this button are also dissappear on RHS side...

    please help me what i need to do more

    Pankaj Khurana

  • Pankaj khurana
    Pankaj khurana


    can anyone help me to fix this issue...