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  • Hello,

    I cannot create bindings between configuration items. I created new class (configuration items) "„Sim cards"“ . In this class I would like to make binding to the mobile phone (something like mobilephone_list). After in class „mobile phone“ binding to SIM (sims_list).

    In configuration items "SIM cards" is all right. I see "mobile_list" as bind to Mobile phones.

    BUT in configuration items "Mobile phone" I DONT see sims_list...reason - after compile XML file:

    generated file: env-production/itop-endusers-devices/model.itop-endusers-devices.php

    "MetaModel::Init_AddAttribute(new AttributeLinkedSetIndirect("sims_list", array("linked_class"=>'', "ext_key_to_me"=>'', "ext_key_to_remote"=>'', "allowed_values"=>null, "count_min"=>0, "count_max"=>0, "duplicates"=>false, "depends_on"=>array())));"

    Values linked_class, ext_key_to_me and ext_key_to_remote is empty....why??
    After manual fill is all right...:

    MetaModel::Init_AddAttribute(new AttributeLinkedSetIndirect("sims_list", array("linked_class"=>'lnkMobilePhoneToSim', "ext_key_to_me"=>'mobilephone_id', "ext_key_to_remote"=>'sim_id', "allowed_values"=>null, "count_min"=>0, "count_max"=>0, "duplicates"=>false, "depends_on"=>array())));

    This is OK....but i must fill manual values..why?

    Thanks for help,
    Best Regards,
    Ladislav Kudláček

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  • Solved ...I changed original template in folder datamodels/2.x/itop-endusers.... and now is all right.