Including access rights for a new class

  • Marc Franquesa
    Marc Franquesa

    Hi all,

    I created a new class "lnkTicketToTicket" to be able to link all kind of tickets wether the type of them. When started to use from other (non-admin) users, that users get a "not allowed' message so I understand that I need to assign permissions for that in the datamodel. I want to include the object 'lnkTicketToTicket' in the EXISTING LnkTickets user_rights group. For that I took the following XML snippet:

        <group id="LnkTickets">
            <class id="lnkTicketToTicket" _delta="define" />

    And attached at the end of the datamodel xml file of the related class lnkTicketToTicket. But when I run the toolkit I get the following error:

    Error: Error loading module "lady-tickets": could not find parent node for class(id:lnkTicketToTicket) with parent id - Loaded modules: authent-external,authent-ldap,authent-local,itop-attachments,itop-config-mgmt,itop-endusers-devices,itop-profiles-itil,itop-service-mgmt-provider,itop-sla-computation,itop-tickets,itop-welcome-itil,lady-cmdb-module,lady-profiles-module,lady-tickets

    I tried putting the XML snippet on the module that defines the new class and set 'itop-profiles-itil/1.0.0' as a dependency. Also tried to put it on a separate module depending on the module that defines the new class but I'm still getting the same error from the toolkit.

    Any hint of what I'm doing wrong?