Commit [17e0aa] Maximize Restore History

Merge branch 'master' into newvideo

* master: (518 commits)
ENH: Option to smooth the update field and/or the total field.
ENH: Level set evolution classes
STYLE: fix wrong wiki example links
COMP: fix vnl fft filter for dim = 4
STYLE: update wiki example links
COMP: fix iterator type in LabelObject iterator
COMP: fix missing transform constructors
ENH: wrap PowImageFilter
ENH: wrap ClampImageFilter
ENH: wrap BSplineSmoothingOnUpdateDisplacementFieldTransform
ENH: don't wrap DeformationFieldJacobianDeterminantFilter
ENH: wrap ITKHighDimensionalMetrics and ITKHighDimensionalOptimizers
BUG: Silence Z spacing test.
KWSys Nightly Date Stamp
ENH: Add PrintSelf() to two classes.
ENH: Remove useless const in return std::string
KWSys Nightly Date Stamp
ENH: make sure laplacian and mean curvature are already computed
ENH: Missing PrintSelf() in ObjectToObjectOptimizerBase.
KWSys: Add symlinks to directories as files (#12284)

Patrick Reynolds Patrick Reynolds 2011-09-27

Brad King Brad King 2011-09-27