iText 1.3.1 works on IKVM 0.14

I notify you of iText on .NET Framework.
IKVM 0.14 released on 11th May. I tested iText 1.3.1 with IKVM. It follows that most of features are works fine and show comparable performance with Java version. (I did benchmark test using a example code in . It took 17.5 seconds in Java 1.5.0_03, 18.0 seconds in .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 on my machine.)
So the role of iText.NET may decrease gradually and be replaced by IKVM in the near future.

iText with IKVM 0.14 works except the following features.

- PdfGraphics2D and PostScript support because of Graphics
- some JPEG features because of com.sun package
(com.lowagie.text.rtf.document.RtfInfoElement.convertDate threw exception in the method, but the bug is in GNU classpath library.)
- C# program can't use several iText classes because some field and method have the same name within one class (Chunk, Document, DocWriter etc). It's compatible with IL or J# but not with C#.

Posted by Kazuya Ujihara 2005-05-15