How to modify Named Destinations in a PDF?

  • Hi,

    I am using iText Could anyone please help me. I am trying to add several Named Destinations to an existing PDF file. I went through the “iText In Action” book and through numerous online resources, and I still can’t figure out how to do it.

    I know how to read Named Destinations from a file, I know how to apply them on a NEW file, but I still don’t know how to add Named Destinations to an existing PDF file.

    Dim oDest As Hashtable = SimpleNamedDestination.GetNamedDestination(oReader, False)
    oDest.Add("dest 1", "11 FitH 797")
    oDest.Add("dest 2", "22 FitH 797")
    oDest.Add("dest 3", "33 FitH 797")
    'How do I apply the oDest hashtable back on the PDF file?

    I am using VB.Net for this project, however I should be able to make use of code samples in any programming language. Could anyone please help?

    Thank you.