iText 5.2.0

We received plenty of feedback regarding PDF parsing, and we've taken into account almost all the issues that were reported. This means that PDF to text conversion with iText has now improved dramatically. Soon the Belgian IRS will start using iText to parse thousands of documents looking for a national number on the first page. We're using different strategies to do this: we parse the text at a specific position if we know it; or we parse the whole page looking for a pattern if the number can be anywhere on the page. We've also improved the parsing of PDF documents in languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese,...

Furthermore, we made it possible to generate PDF files larger than 2 GB. The maximum limit is now 10 GB for PDFs with a traditional cross-reference table and 1 TB for PDFs with a compressed cross-reference table.

Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts has been extended. Make sure that you download the new itext-asian jar if you want to benefit from this new functionality.

As we're investing in development on Android and Google App Engine, we've reduced the dependency on Java AWT. It's now much easier to port iText to Android or GAE.

Finally, we've fixed the bugs you've been so kind to report on the mailing list.

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2012-02-29