iText 2.0.4: moved from CVS to SVN

Version 2.0.4 of iText, your favorite Java-PDF library, has been released. The big news is: we have finally made the switch from CVS to SVN on SourceForge. Many thanks to Xavier for a job well done! The documentation has been updated:
Please read the new doc pages carefully, because part of the directory structure of the project has been reorganized.

iText 2.0.4 also brings some bugfixes and minor enhancements, but the major changes happened in iText 2.0.3, the 'silent' release published less than two weeks ago. (We kept it silent because we knew the next release would be following very soon.)

iText 2.0.3 brought major refactoring operations on many levels: the API of the basic building blocks has somewhat changed (watch out for deprecated methods!), RtfWriter has been refactored with as result improved performance, and so on.

As usual you can find a more detailed list of the changes in the history file:

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Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2007-06-04