release iText 1.3.1

Hello all,
I would like to inform you about the 1.3.1 release of iText. Of course there are a lot of new goodies and bugfixes: you can now use PdfReader with low memory usage, hyphenation has been made easier by switching from .hyp files to XML, we even fixed some Table bugs,... iText 1.3.1 also brings some experiments with new classes SimpleTable and SimpleCell and a new Parser. You can use them on your own risk and we are very eager to hear if they are interesting enough to keep in the next stable release 1.4.
I would also want to draw your attention to the new SourceForge regulations ( ). It will no longer be possible to download files from
As a matter of fact, I migrated almost everything that was on the SourceForge servers to the server. You may not notice this, because I used a 301 Redirect in the .htaccess file, but if you are experiencing trouble finding some page, please let me know. Also if you still have links to, please change them to the equivalent.
Remark that the directories with source code and extra jars are no longer browsable. The extra jars that were put on the filesystem rather carelessly in the past, are now in a separate package in the file release section:
I haven't had the time to check and double check all these changes, so please bear with me and let me know if I overlooked something.
best regards,

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2005-05-11