Bruno thinks that you violate the AGPL license and use iText in a commercial setting without paying/buying a commercial license - thats why you don't get anymore help.
I don't take sides however if you do so (and Bruno has some inside info on your project/company/your customer) buy a license. If you fully comply with the AGPL license there is no reason for you to get forced to buy a license and I would strongly reject those unfounded allegations. Alternativly you may try to ask your questions at stackoverflow in future...

So what's the problem with your code? (the bug in iText will probably be in the next iText release, can't help you with that)


You are closeing the reader before the stamper. That is wrong. If you delete that line it will probably work (can't test it right now).
The reader is implicitly closed when closing the stamper so there is no need to close it explicitely. If you really want to make sure (e.g. a different exeption is thrown before) you can add the following lines at the end:

catch (Exception i1) {

Of course you have to define a "PdfReader Read_PDF_To_Watermark=null;" out of the try/catch block for that...

2014-02-27 19:40 GMT+01:00 iText mailing list <info@1t3xt.info>:
On 2/27/2014 5:55 PM, Gabriella wrote:
> I already have iText 5
Yes, but are you a customer?

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