You need at least 2.1.7 and other corrections were introduced in 5.0.x.

From: D'Angelo, Adam []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 5:44 PM
Subject: [iText-questions] Acroform verifySignature() PdfPKCS7 error with SHA256 in iText 2.1.3

We are currently using iText 2.1.3 to pull an Entrust certificate from a PDF.  Up until recently the encryption of these certs has been SHA1.  However, due to pending security infrastructure changes, all certificates will be SHA256 going forward.  While testing with the newer SHA256 Entrust certs we receive the following error:


com.lowagie.text.ExceptionConverter: 2.16.840. MessageDigest not available


This error is thrown from this line of code:


//form is an AcroFields form

PdfPKCS7 pk = form.verifySignature(signatureFieldName);


What version of iText supports SHA256?  Is there a way to resolve this issue without updating the version of iText we are using?




Adam D'Angelo, PMP |


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