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iTALC 1.0.10 released

iTALC is a use- and powerful didactical tool which lets you view and control computers in your labs and interact with students in a modern way. It supports Linux and Windows 2000/XP and it even can be used transparently in mixed environments!

Version 1.0.10 is a maintainance release of the 1.0.x series. It fixes lots of bugs and features an improved user interface. Furthermore incompatibilities with recent Linux systems, recent versions of autotools and recent version of Qt have been fixed.

The Windows version ships with the latest libraries such as Qt 4.6.3, libjpeg-v8 and zlib 1.2.5 and has been built using GCC 4.5. Furthermore there's now a nice NSIS-based installer which also includes an uninstaller.


* Added NSIS script for building an iTALC installer
* Added support for languages written right-to-left
* IMA: rewrote top level UI and added new toolbar style
* IMA: updated and improved splash screen
* IMA: Implemented Toggle Autoview
* IMA/ClassroomManager: sort items numerically where appropriate
* ICA/Win32: Applied patch by James Mitchell for improved username detection
* ICA/Win32/VncInstHandler: use different name for VNC instance mutex (allows to run other VNC software in parallel)
* ICA/Win32/TightVNC: updated to SVN revision 3642
* ICA/Win32/TightVNC: also grab layered (semi-transparent) windows
* ICA/Win32/ScreenLock: open new desktop and lock it
* ICA/Linux/x11vnc: synced with libvncserver Git repository
* Updated localization files:
- Czech
- French
- German
- Norwegian
- Slovakian
- Ukrainian
- Spanish
* Added localization files
- Catalan
- Hebrew
- Turkish
* Localization files: merged all translations of each language into one file


* Allow remote login without password
* Fixed registry setting for personal configuration directory and personal configuration file (#2006515)
* Include stdint.h for compiling with GCC >= 4.4
* Setup/Makefile.am: do not fail linking when using --as-needed linker flag
* IsdServer: fixed running multiple program
* ICA/Win32/VncClient: hold m_sendUpdateLock while processing rfbItalcServiceRequest (fixes occasional flicker/connection losses)
* IMA/Client: do not paint screen if window is too small

The download is available at


More information are available at the project homepage


and the Wiki


Posted by Tobias Doerffel 2010-07-29