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iTALC 2.0.1 Windows 7 demo mode freeze

  • derkirsche

    Hi! I'm trying to use iTALC 2.0.1 in our classroom. The computers are running with Win7 Enterprise.
    Everything works fine except the both demo modes. Although they start correctly, the client screens freeze after some seconds. Not all at the same time. When i turn the demo mode off, the client screens show their desktop again.
    Has someone an idea, how i can solve this problem?

    Last edit: derkirsche 2013-08-30
  • derkirsche

    Me again. I tried to use iTALC2 in another classroom with different hardware. These PC's are running too with Win7(64bit). I tried iTALC2 64bit and 32bit. The results were always the same.

  • J.T. Demel
    J.T. Demel


    I've same problem here. 12 Clients / 1 Master with Win7 Pro. Everything works fine, except Demo (windowed or fullscreen). There is only a black screen with a sandclock an messages that connection will be establishes on port 11400.

    I tried to shutdown firewalls (master/clients) without effect. Also only use demo on one client didn't work.

    Any fixes? Ideas?

    Kind regards
    J.T. Demel

  • derkirsche

    Which Demo Server did you use? You have to take the iTALC Server, not the VPN.

  • Cool

    I have the same problem. Can someone fixed it?
    THis software is very great! But why we cannot use the demo mode? Have any updates of the ver.2.01?

  • purjuju

    Hi everybody !

    We use iTalc 2.0.2 with all Windows 7 32bits for teacher and students. I do not use VNC server but the iTalc Demo server.

    The demo start running but, after a few seconds, the student demo screen freeze (full size or window size)

    All the computers are connected via Wifi to an ASUS modem router.

    Does anyone can help us please ?

    Thank you