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iShare Financial Freedom 2004 v1.19

We have released version 1.19 (040913) of the iShare 2004 Financial Freedom package. This version has some major updates and fixes and turns this into a reliable, useful and informative package.

If you would like to start to get on top of your finances, and create a plan to be retired in as little as 5 years, download this new package and start your journey.

Posted by Brendan Hayes 2004-09-13

iShare Financial Freedom 2004 Released

A new program in the iShare 2004 package, iShare Financial Freedom, has been released. This package allows end users to determine, manage and reduce their financial freedom number, helping and educating them to be financially free and able to retire sooner!

Posted by Brendan Hayes 2004-09-05

First Release of iShare

We are happy to notice that we have released iShare 2004 Version 1.10! This is a final public beta and should be relatively bug free.

Posted by Brendan Hayes 2004-08-10